Thursday, July 29, 2021

President's Message

President’s Message


Dear Irvine Branch Members, 


Happy May!


Hoping this finds you all well and healthy during this time of unpredictable weather.


This is the last branch newsletter of the school year. Also, it will be the last month for me as branch president after four years. I appreciate everyone’s support and assistance to help our branch develop stronger associations. On behalf of the branch, I want to express my appreciation to our board members who collaborated together through this past year of challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our new branch president will be Jessica Chen, who will be continuing this mission to help our branch for the upcoming two years. The board members will be as following:


First Vice President: Lanzo Luconi

Second Vice President: Jenny Fu

Membership: Dr. Valentina Gottlieb

Treasurer: June Lusk Nelson

Recording Secretary: Heidi Lee Kim

CM Chair: Dr. Bella Tseng

Venue Chair: Jillair Robinson

Festivals Chair: Jennifer Fung and Xin Deng

Board Assistants: Inessa Khurgel and Dr. En A Kim

Newsletter: Rachel Tofoli

Branch Website Administration: Ann Tenney


We will have our last branch meeting of the school year 2020-2021, via Zoom on May 19th. The Contemporary Festival will also be this month, the last branch festival of the year.


Keep well and healthy. 


Musically yours,

Grace Hsu

MTAC Irvine Branch President.

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