Thursday, March 30, 2023

President's Message

President’s Message


Dear Irvine Members,


I would like to congratulate our teachers and students for accomplishing the 3rd year of virtual CM testing. It’s about time for teachers to reflect on the experience with students and to look forward to a higher level of piano teaching and learning. Please do not hesitate to give your feedback or any technical problems your students experienced to MTAC headquarters for future improvement.


The SCJ Bach Festival and Baroque Festival will both take place on March 19. The Scholarship Competition registration has started on our branch website. Please encourage your students to participate and polish their performance skills by participating in branch festivals. We hope to return to pre-pandemic participation levels for branch festivals in the near future.


Again, teachers need to participate in at least three branch meetings annually for the eligibility of their students to register in the branch festivals.


Our next branch meeting will be on April 19th. Please enjoy the scenery of the snowy mountains as they are so beautiful!


Sincerely yours,

Jessica Chen

MTAC Irvine Branch President

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