Saturday, September 25, 2021

President's Message

President’s Message


Dear Irvine Branch Members,


Greetings! I would like to extend a warm welcome for new and returning members. Throughout the pandemic, we have taken the opportunity to provide our teachers with great speakers from near and far. Students have continued to take online lessons or are now rejoining with teachers for in-person lessons, which we are feeling so thankful for.


This year, we are very fortunate to have the following board members serving our branch:


First Vice President: Lanzo Luconi 

Second Vice President: Jenny Fu 

Membership: Dr. Valentina Gottlieb 

Treasurer: June Lusk Nelson 

Recording Secretary: Heidi Lee Kim 

CM Chair: Dr. Bella Tseng

Venue Chair: Jillair Robinson

Festival Chairs: Jennifer Fung and Xin Deng

Board Assistants: Inessa Khurgel and Dr. En A Kim 

Newsletter: Rachel Tofoli

Branch Website Administration: Ann Tenney


Our branch will have 6 meetings from September 2021 through May 2022. Continuing throughout the end of the year 2021, our monthly meetings and festivals will be conducted virtually. Although we are still in the midst of a pandemic, we will continue to invite well-known speakers to inspire our teachers. Our first branch meeting will be on 9/15/21 at 10am via Zoom with Prof. Jocelyn Swigger.


Important changes: Bach Festival (SCJB Festival branch level) will be moved to March 2022. Scholarship Competition will only be eligible for soloists, not for duets or ensembles. Yearbook will be distributed online on the branch website MSSL and Monster Concert will be resumed outdoors.


Meeting Attendance: Teachers are encouraged to join our monthly meetings as they are designed with a high educational purpose. As part of branch policy, attending a minimum of 3 meetings will be required for teachers to participate in branch festivals.


Thank you all for your support of our MTAC Irvine Branch. Looking forward to “seeing” you soon at the Branch Meeting.


Sincerely yours,


Jessica Chen

MTAC Irvine Branch President


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