Saturday, December 14, 2019

President's Message

Dear Irvine Branch Members,

It was pleasure meeting you all at our last general meeting in September.

Autumn is approaching, with the cool air and gentle wind bringing a relaxed, lazy feeling with the seasonal change.

Thanks to Jillair Robinson who arranged for her church for our last meeting, and to our CM chair, Dr. Bella Tseng, who provided the current CM packet and clear updated information for us.

In October, our branch activities will include MSSL performance on 10/13, Romantic Festival on 10/19-10/20, and Monster Concert on 10/27. The venues can be found in our yearbook. The second branch meeting will be held on 10/16 Wednesday at Fields Piano, 810 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana. Please join us for our meeting, not only for your personal enrichment, but also so we can get to know each other, and share ideas. Attending at least three branch meetings per year is required for all teachers registering students to participate in the festivals. The sign-in sheet at the entrance of each meeting is the record of attendance, so don’t forget to sign in when you come to each branch meeting. Please check the deadline of each event to be able to enroll your students successfully.

Wishing you a happy teaching month and look forward to seeing you all at our October branch meeting.

Musically yours,

Grace Hsu

MTAC Irvine Branch President.

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