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About MTAC

The Music Teacher's Association of California (MTAC), incorporated
in 1897, is a professional organization of approximately 4,200 members
and is organized into sixty branches throughout the state. MTAC is
dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in music education.

The Irvine Branch was chartered June 15, 2003 and includes
teachers from the Irvine area and neighboring communities.
The branch has meetings for teachers and events for students including community
outreach recitals. The branch also administers numerous programs sponsored by the
state association.

MTAC Mission Statement

The MTAC Irvine branch is one of the fastest growing branches of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. Chartered in 2003, we constitute 130 music teachers and currently serve over 3000 students in Orange County. The branch encompasses the greater Irvine area and includes members from Tustin, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

Our organization is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in music education by: promoting the stability of the music teaching profession; maintaining the high professional standards of our members; maintaining the exacting qualifications for membership thus establishing the active member as a qualified, accredited teacher; and promoting the development of musical potential and ability in students.

Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, having dedicated ourselves to the advancement of the standards in music education shall:

  • Maintain the highest moral standards and conduct towards colleagues, students, and the community
  • Participate in the activities of the Association
  • Respect the dignity and work of our colleagues
  • Develop and maintain a professional relationship between teachers and students
  • Encourage, guide and develop students toward fulfillment of their musical potential
  • Participate in and encourage students to be involved in community music activities

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Board of Directors


      Lanzo Luconi [Email]

1st Vice President/Programs
      Jenny Fu [Email]

2nd Vice President/Programs
      Dr. Valentina Gottlieb [Email]

     Jillair Robinson [Email]

     Dr. Valentina Gottlieb [Email]

     June Lusk Nelson [Email]

Recording Secretary
     Heidi Lee Kim [Email]

Certificate of Merit Chair
     Dr. Bella Tseng [Email]

CODA Chairs
     Paula Sabin [Email]
     Trudy Pauperas [Email]

Festival Chairs
      Yunfeng Cai [Email]
      Vicki Tseng [Email]

Composers Today Chair
     Satomi Otsubo [Email]

Junior Ensemble Chair
     Bettina Jiang [Email]

Community Outreach (MSSL)
      Dr. Ena Kim [Email]

Board Assistant
      Joyce Wang [Email]
      Jessica Chen [Email]

Past Presidents
     Dr. M'lou Dietzer 
     Dr. Emily Hung 
     Vivian Field, MM
     Trudy Pauperas
     Man-Mei (Rebecca) Wu
     Heidi Lee Kim
     Inessa Khurgel 
     Grace Hsu
     Jessica Chen

Advertisements/Teacher Referrals
      Lanzo Luconi [Email]

Newsletter Editor
     Rachel Tofoli [Email]

Website Administrator
     Ann Shiau Tenney [Email]




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